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Multiphysics expertise

In the Era of Industry 4.0, ProtoSTEP brings you multiphysics expertise and offers you numerical models and simulations to support your R&D projects.

The Research and Development department of a company is a vital asset which brings permanent technological developments and offer companies reliable and innovative solutions.

In order to optimize costs and deadlines while minimizing risks, the numerical modelling of prototypes and the numerical simulation by ProtoSTEP carried out under COMSOL Multiphysics allow a company to be one step ahead of its competitors by improving the production cycle in order to:

  • Maintain sales growth
  • Preserve operational resources

This approach offered by ProtoSTEP for product development and innovation optimizes the time to market and therefore the return on investment in R&D expenses.

Standard product life cycle
Optimized product life cycle

Industry 4.0 at the service of your projects

Industry 4.0 introduces a new vision for your R&D projects. Virtual prototyping by using numerical modelling will allow you to make the physical and technical validations stronger within the development and production strategies.

With the high computing performances easily available now, the numerical simulation can significantly help with prototyping. ProtoSTEP brings you engineering expertise, technical studies, R&D solutions and numerical simulations.

As a COMSOL’s Certified Consultant, ProtoSTEP supports your R&D projects with multiphysics studies and virtual prototyping.

Numerical modelling to save your costs and development times

Numerical simulation is a valuable tool that allows the creation and validation of R&D studies and the physics of a virtual prototype through the cloud.

The simulations under COMSOL Multiphysics carried out by ProtoSTEP make it possible to build numerical models and to study the design of a prototype in order to guarantee the functionality and the multiphysics interactions.

While a CAD model will make it possible to define the geometric and functional dimensions, the numerical simulation of the physical model will provide not only a prediction of the expected behavior but also the possibility of optimizing the final design before manufacturing.

Once the studies and optimizations have been carried out on this prototype via numerical simulations under COMSOL Multiphysics by ProtoSTEP, production can be launched of a hardware prototype that has already been optimized through the laws of physics and therefore operational instantly.


  • helps you to create your own virtual prototype by providing a fully compiled model
  • supports you in your R&D projects with scientific and industrial expertise at each milestone
  • By your side at each step in the development of your products by providing advanced numerical modellings
  • Makes your prototype designs more reliable by computing the multiphysics interactions encountered

Our expertise puts the laws of physics at the centre of your projects

 Electromagnetics, optics, heat transfers, fluid and solid mechanics
Plasma and charged particles beam processes
Vacuum techniques
Railway, nuclear and space industry
Secure components and reliability (MTBF)

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As a COMSOL’s Certified Consultant, ProtoSTEP allows you to optimize and make your prototype design more reliable through the numerical modelling and simulation results. We help you to save money by reducing the time to market.